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Wolf’s Pursuit
Knight Fever
Book 1

by Alexa Dare

The wolf shifter battles his inner beast.

A wolf’s pursuit to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff and to fulfill an ancient prophecy leads him straight to a local modern-day psychic. Suffering from a curse, never would Dark Knight Gideon Saint-Valeri court a woman who wields magic. Yet, amid strong misgivings, he battles his inner beast to accept a witch as his fated mate.

Olivia Trudeau uses her fortune-telling abilities to raise funds and gather resources for her Appalachian community and toward a school for those with special powers. After the use of her clairvoyance, she experiences episodes of forgetfulness. But when a wolf shifter enters her life, nothing is predictable and he’s a seemingly unforgettable potential boyfriend.

Danger interwoven with prophecies and adventure, they must fight to prevent the capture of those in her coven and the destruction of the Dark Knights.

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