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Immortal Pursuit
Immortal Sentinels
Book 2
by Alexa Dare

He battles his inner beast.

Gideon St. Valeri has one goal, one mission, and that’s to lay claim to the ruby from Merlin’s staff. Only then can he fulfill an ancient prophecy.

His pursuit, however, leads him straight to a local psychic. After all, when you’ve been living a cursed life for hundreds of years, you tend to avoid everything remotely related to magic.

But with Olivia, it seems…different. Even though Gideon wants nothing more than to keep his distance, the beast inside him is drawn to her. Captivated by her.

How’s that for irony?

Now all he, and his inner wolf, wants is protect her, keep her safe from dangers lurking within age-old prophecies.

Olivia might be a witch with an undeniable link to the supernatural, but turns out…

She’s also the one who will ultimately change his fate forever.

Each book in the Immoral Sentinels series features a standalone romance.

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