Wilder’s Woman @AuthorLTaylor

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Wilder’s Woman
by Laura Taylor

Former federal prosecutor, now ex-con, Craig Wilder once symbolized the very best of the justice system, until a vengeful man and a faithless wife transformed his world into a living hell. No one knows the true extent of the damage done to Victim Advocate Tasha Lockridge – especially not her ex-husband, Craig Wilder. Tasha’s fierce determination fuels her now that she’s found the evidence to vindicate Craig. She vows to fight for him, for the restoration of his reputation, for a reversal of his conviction, and for the rescue of his soul. Convincing Craig that she is his best ally is just the first battle in their seductive war of wills. This is a war Tasha intends to win. Only then will Craig Wilder realize that Tasha Lockridge has always been and will always be … WILDER’S WOMAN.

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