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When In Rome
A Brooke & Abby Cozy Mystery
Book 2
by S. R. Mallery 

BOOK #2 OF THE AWARD WINNING Brooke & Abby cozy mystery series, where clues from the past help solve modern murder cases.

Why does Abby tarot card her way back to Ancient Rome when there’s no need to? After all, the recent death in town has been declared by the local pathologist to be simply an accidental, epileptic tragedy and nothing more. Or is it?

Follow the Gang of Five, as Abby time-travels to the Age of Emperors, Brooke learns to follow her heart, Henry studies old antiquities, detectives Tony and Larry continue their police work, and Brooke’s niece, Haley, joins their ranks––just in time to learn a most valuable lesson: things aren’t always what they seem…

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