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Walking The Pendulum
by H A Dawson

The sight of her face sends tremors through the town, it reminds some of their sordid secrets. Entwined by conspiracy this artistic woman grapples veiled threats and suspicious accidents but can she escape further perils?

Desperate to erase her recent past, Megan abandons her former life. Whilst engaged in conversation with a fellow train passenger Megan has a daymare. She ignores the violent images believing they are induced by the stress of the past months. Should she dismiss them or are they an omen?

The train journey is imprinted indelibly on Megan’s brain, memories play havoc with logical thinking if you can not recognise them as your own! She expects this new beginning to be an adventure but then a 30 year old mystery slides her into darkness.

Around Megan some of the townspeople behave in a disturbing manner, threats gather, with some unexplained accidents, a false trail from an innocuous note and sabotage. Matters go critical, Megan’s abducted. A team of private detectives realise the truth while the fuse fizzles!

#mystery #thriller #suspense #pizzazzbookpromotions #crime
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