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Two Hearts In Accord
Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance
Book 7
by Tamara Ferguson

  • #1 International Hot New Release
  • #1 Best Seller

Injured in Iraq, Lieutenant Neil Harrison returned to active duty in pararescue with a prosthetic leg, while sniper Lieutenant Anna Drummond regained her weaponry skills after losing an arm.

Intent on retraining wounded warriors for active duty while working together as future instructors in a new program in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, they get to know each other better, and realize they have a lot more in common than they realized.

But it’s a few weeks before Luke Bryant and Kelly Callahan’s wedding (Two Hearts Surrendered), when Anna and Neil find themselves assisting Sarah Benton’s best friend Claire, whose ex is trying to kill her. With Claire’s life endangered, Neil and Anna make use of their skills to keep her safe.

Neil and Anna have both been burned in the past, so they’re in accord eventually deciding on a no strings relationship. But will they finally admit that it’s love?

Despite their serious subject matter, the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior stories are all about hope, with happily-ever-after endings. This #1 bestselling series has won ten combined awards since the release of Two Hearts Surrendered, Book 1 in the series, including the Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal in Military Fiction.

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