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Twist Of A Steel Bracelet
Morrison-Adams brief cases
Book 1
by H.A Dawson

He steers into the bend then their vehicle slams sideways, tumbles and flips back upright, the metal shredded by the road surface, then silence!

Stacy senses it’s revenge. Why, what has she done that’s so bad? The veiled threats descend as friends ignore Stacy’s pleas, is there more to endure? She’s a marked woman at the core of a disturbing mystery.

The car crash has left her partner Nick paralysed. Stacy’s consumed by guilt and vulnerable to the nasty accusations spreading throughout her community. Someone intends to destroy Stacy’s reputation but she’s no sitting duck! She’s abducted. Her assailant has a warped sense of revenge, how could such behaviour be sparked by casual remarks! The search begins where can she be?

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