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To See the Sights
by Bridgitte Lesley

Tina decided to go on holiday but she didn’t want to be on her own. She needed a companion who would take in all the sights with her. If there was a sight to be seen she would see it. She lived in a coastal town which was a popular tourist destination. They had everything from the ocean to the different excursions.

She sat in her office and spotted an advert in the local paper. Phillip needed someone to look after his two daughters for the duration of the holidays. Tina immediately made her call. But Phillip turned her down. He had already made so many appointments.

Tina changed her mind about going on holiday until Phillip phoned and asked to meet with her. She eventually accepted the assignment. They had an action packed holiday crammed with every exciting outing you could think of. Tina had to be careful though. She knew she was in danger. Phillip’s voice alone sent her emotions soaring. How would she cope? What would happen after the three weeks were up?

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