The What For, How To of Holistic Alternative Healing @MaggieDavid

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The What For, How To of Holistic Alternative Healing
by Maggie David

What can one say about this book other than brilliant and beautifully put together – in fact it is like several books all rolled into one.

Written well, without waffle, it makes a wonderful guide for many aspects of alternative healing covering the “What For and How To OF” –

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Carrier Oils
Massage Blending
Bathing and Footbaths
Vaporisation/Essential Oil Burning and Recipes

THE MYSTICAL/SPIRITUAL Side of Aromatherapy and how to use the oils in this way

MAGICAL Aromatherapy

You also have an Essential Oils by Properties Chart
Aromatherapy by Symptom Guide
Essential Oils Chart covering 43 essential oils

Your Chakras
Essential Oil Chakra Chart
Crystal Chakra Chart

Healing Crystals – Introduction
Cleansing your Crystals
Handy hints for other Crystal Uses
Healing Crystals and their Metaphysical Uses Chart

Rainbow Meditation
Meditation and Essential Oils

Within this book, there is wisdom to be found, wisdom which can be used to keep you and your family healthy.

This book was the Number One Best Seller for Maggie David in Australia when she was operating her Essential Oil Company.

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RIP Maggie my friend.

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