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The Time Between
The Crucible of Becoming
Book 1
by Paula Rose Michelson

A therapist who does not know – A secretary who holds the key to why her boss’s life was a living hell – When all is said and done the sleeper must awaken or be forever trapped.

There is a second before you take your first breath, and a second before you breathe your last. Between those inescapable seconds, we live, love, laugh, and cry. When all is said and done the breather of those two breaths knows that there will never be a time when they can reimagine, or redo because having breathed your last, you’re through. And then it’s up to those who knew you to determine if you were faithful, if you were kind, if you were true. But what about those who have not yet passed but know their days are numbered, and what about those who judge thereby causing pain to those who have not reached their eternal slumber. Perhaps the Beatles were wiser than we knew when they sang, ‘Let it Be.’ Yet within my psych there was a wish to be a blessing, a confidant, a mother to those who needed for I grew up knowing The Time Between while I was young and heard songs that others had not sung. This is my story.

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