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The Soul Mate Search
When Love Finds You
(The Soul Mate Series Book 1)
by Morgan K Wyatt 

Nina manages a multi-store business, but she can’t control love. It has eluded her until a mysterious fortuneteller reveals she’s already met her soul mate three times and only has four times remaining before he passes from her life forever. A crystal ball allows her to see what he looked like several years ago. The fortuneteller warns her if she forces the meeting it won’t happen. Why even tell her if she can’t track down the man. If she has to depend on fate, she could miss him again.

A major life snafu has Tony bunking with his old high school friend Danny. As he watches his friend enact his version of a smooth operator, Tony realizes he doesn’t want that type of life. What he desires is a deep connection with a special woman. Only there is no one on the horizon.

At this rate, he’s destined to die alone. It will take magic to meet his soul mate.

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