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Keeping Love Alive

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The Secret Behind Keeping Love Alive
by Maggie David

There is nothing more important after you have found the right person to be in your life, than keeping the relationship, fresh, exciting and romantic.

Too often for so many, once you are together romance goes out the window.

The tedium of the daily grind tends to make it all too hard, tiredness seems to set in and I am sure for many of you, your “Get up and go, seems to have got up and gone!” Love and romance far too often then takes a hike!

My Grandparents were a fine example of keeping romance alive, at the aged of 86 they still held hands when they walked, and gave each other little kisses on the cheek during the day and always had big smiles for each other. I still remember them being so much in love even at that age, after being together as man and wife from their teens.

But how do you keep that love alive? Well it is easy, yes that’s right easy. My research into successful relationships came up with some surprising insights, that is why I have put pen to paper to help you keep that relationship Fresh, Exciting and “Alive”

What we are talking about is doing small special acts on a regular basis to make your Partner feel special and appreciated, who in turn will then be inspired to do the same.

I am here to tell you, there can be a “Happy ever after” it just takes a little thought.

Your Relationship should be treated like a beautiful garden that can survive all types of storms and sizzling hot summer days, however, when given regular doses of fertilizer it turns into something spectacular that people look at in awe.

This book is dedicated to all Partnerships out there – I hope it will give you some inspiration and let you into “The Secret of Keeping Love Alive”

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