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The Satan Seduction
When Pastors Cross the Line

by Aimee Marie Bejarano

It has been 15 years. It’s time to tell my story, IN MY OWN FREAKING WORDS. WAS THIS ALL THE PASTOR’S FAULT?

Siblings Henry and Hope believed the Lord called them to a particular church. The Biblical teaching seemed accurate, and the pastor was a true man of God who appeared to care for his flock in a loving manner. However, as the head pastor moves them into youth ministry, he berates, humiliates, and spiritually abuses them stringing a web of chaos.

Pastor strategically positions himself in their family laughing and ridiculing Henry for having a minimum wage job, even going as far as humiliating him in front of others and mocking the fact of Hope’s sickness and chronic pain. He wedges himself thickly that eventually, he begins to wear down Henry as Henry’s volatile and angry dark side springs forth like a rocket.

Then as Henry leaves the love of his family to chase a seducing girl, his choices not only break Hope’s heart, as she and their mother are blamed for his rebellious decisions but paves his trajectory from there on out. Henry ignores his family, with flailing and false accusations, in addition, pushes the youth kids to the side leaving them with despair and questioning why Henry is behaving as he is.

Will Henry run from this girl and listen to Godly counsel, or will he cling to lust and marry her?What happens to the close-knit bond with their family and as pastor succeeds in ripping them to shreds. What happens to Hope and Henry’s friendship? What happens when you allow a pastor to RULE your family? Who then is the head of that household? What occurs when you question your entire being due to verbal and spiritual abuse? Can you tell if your pastor has crossed the line? Based on a dramatic, dysfunctional true story. A memoir about family and survival from control, a heretic and psychological abuse.

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