The Naomi Chronicles Book 2: Choosing To Be

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The Naomi Chronicles
Book 2
Choosing To Be
by Paula Rose Michelson

Longing, lies, desire and passion give Naomi and Chaz no rest as they try to figure out how to live without the one their heart cannot forget or forgive. In this uniquely inspiring family faith saga, we see a bride in flight instead of facing the fallout of her revealed secrets. Alienated from all who loved and affirmed her, with no place to stay, God will gift her everything if — finding herself embraced by people who care — Naomi discovers the ‘Lover of her Soul’.

Will Naomi’s friendship with a ‘Titus 2 Woman’ and the blessings found at ‘Blessings Rock’ bring her to Christ? Can a husband who refuses to forgive his wife handle what he discovers when visiting his family? Is there more between Chaz and Naomi than their unfulfilled longing? Only God can fix what is broken between this star-crossed couple, and if He does, will the romance they both long and hunger for finally be realized?

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