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The Naomi Chronicles
(4 Book Series)
by Paula Rose Michelson

The Naomi Chronicles were written to be read one after the other. However, each book is a stand-alone and can be read independently of each other. For the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:

Book #1:No Other Choice
Book #2: Choosing to Be 
Book #3:Beginning Anew
And soon to release,Book #4: Commitment for Two

No Other Choice
The Naomi Chronicles
Book 1

by Paula Rose Michelson

An Illegal Immigrant. Bound by Secrets. Trapped by Choices. An Arranged Marriage. A Forbidden love…will Naomi and Chaz trust God?

Naomi fled Spain for America to escape living the lie generations of her people had lived. She planned to find her uncle and help him earn enough money to bring their family to this land of promise. About to be sent back, the teenager lets an old woman help her and when handcuffed and dragged to the woman’s casa, discovers she must continue to live a lie. Will Naomi’s coming-of-age journey be one of fear, freedom, or love?

Chaz met Naomi when she gave this drunken bum a few dollars and made him sign her pledge book while saying that he would help others. Now an internationally well-known philanthropist, he will pretend to be less than he is to wed Naomi!

Lola was rescued from immigration by Naomi. Now this teenager wants to discredit her benefactor so she can have Chaz. And having discovered Naomi’s secrets, she is bound to succeed!

Two people in love yet neither knows who their spouse really is. A teenage girl whose goal is to drive a wedge between this star-crossed couple. Can anyone get what they want before fear, longing, lies and secrets cause this triangle to unravel?

Choosing To Be
The Naomi Chronicles
Book 2
by Paula Rose Michelson

Longing, lies, desire and passion give Naomi and Chaz no rest as they try to figure out how to live without the one their heart cannot forget or forgive. Desolate, will they answer God’s heart call?

Unable to face the fallout of revealed secrets, Naomi has fled. Alienated from all who loved and affirmed her, with no place to stay, God will gift her everything if — finding herself embraced by people who care — Naomi discovers the ‘Lover of her Soul’. Will Naomi’s friendship with a ‘Titus 2 Woman’ and the blessings found at ‘Blessings Rock’ bring her to Christ?

When Chaz visits his family, he discovers that Naomi and he are very much the same. Yet he needs more proof. Sent his uncle’s Chaz is about to realize that his life was a lie. Will discovering that what he is told is true help him claim Naomi’s love again?

Can the individual faith journey’s each has taken bring them back ready to love each other? And if so, how does a couple that wed before they knew each other overcome what Lola did?

Beginning Anew
The Naomi Chronicles

Book 3
by Paula Rose Michelson

Spurred on by their newfound faith in Christ, Chaz and Naomi discover what it means to view one another with eyes of love. Yet there are those who cannot forgive them for Chaz and Naomi have revealed that they are Jewish believers in Messiah and find it a difficult to go about their daily lives.

While others long-held secrets threaten to pull them apart, passion, duty, fear, revenge, courage, prejudice, love, and a touch of the supernatural are woven into the lives of this couple. Naomi is visited by the spirit of her dead benefactor, and Chaz asks for Padre Paul’s advice about friends who no longer admit to knowing him.

Tensions build and Lola discovers a riot is about to erupt because Padre Paul and Rabbi de Behar have had lunch together. When this teenager confronts those surrounding the Rabbi’s house, they leave.

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