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The Migrant
by Mason Forbes

A ripped-from-the-headlines story

Torn from her life as a successful business woman, Cara Fraser is sucked into a vortex of secrets. Secrets which drive the poor and displaced to gamble their lives on hazardous journeys to the shores of Europe.

Cara’s past as a refugee of the former Yugoslavia compels her to risk everything to bring the truth to light. The point of no return is reached and Cara must get off the grid. And with a single window of opportunity, she hatches and executes a plan to expose the secrets in her possession. The consequences of which will rock governments, stock markets and central banks.

Unseen circles of power in London and Washington will stop at nothing to thwart Cara from laying bare corruption at the centre of high finance. With the clock ticking, Cara’s life and that of her ten-year-old niece are on the line.

From the spotlight of media attention focused upon Lampedusa and the orphaned girl plucked from death in the Mediterranean, to political collusion and the manipulation of the press, a collision course is set. Kidnapping, murder and the election of the new President of the European Central Bank weave together in a rollercoaster of intrigue and suspense.

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