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The Master’s Plan
by Stephany Tullis

The Master’s Plan is a realistic but warm and inspirational story of a woman’s struggle to find her purpose in life. The story is written with a touch of humor and a solid backdrop of both public service and church ‘politics’! Snappy dialogue, interesting yet realistic plot twists, and strong likable characters who have an opinion about everything make this a fun to read and thought-provoking novel.

Selena Beatrice Jones, aka ‘SB’ to her friends, is married to Pastor Woodruff T. Jones, pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Smoothville, Georgia and still sometimes struggles with her status as the good Pastor’s second wife and the daily challenges it brings…with his family and his church of 25 years.

But after recently celebrating her 50th birthday, Selena thinks she’s got it ‘going on’ and is excited about God’s plans to use her to move Mt. Sinai into the 21st century via The Master’s Plan. In her excitement to fulfill her purpose, Selena doesn’t realize that when Commissioner Reginald Thompson II, aspiring political candidate, agrees to buy into her Master’s Plan, he does so because he has his own ‘master plan’. One designed to get him into the State Legislature!

Selena is on a mission to fulfill her God given purpose on earth, confident that her steps are ordered by the Lord! Reginald is just as confident that his master plan will get him into office and that Selena B. Jones is the lady who can help get him there.

While the Commissioner’s staff struggle to convince him of the importance of adhering to the often painful and seemingly unnecessary bureaucratic details associated with federal funding of faith based programs, Selena attempts to garner the critically needed backing of church family, community and friends for the Plan. Suddenly her husband disappears!

The Plan takes on a life of its own and without the good Pastor’s approval. Selena’s hands are full as she struggles to understand Woody’s sudden and highly suspect disappearance while defending both his reputation and position as Pastor of Mt. Sinai to a disgruntled and sometimes hostile committee of church elders.

The Commissioner’s flagrant reliance on his charm, good looks and ‘massage the truth’ tactics to accomplish his mission causes his chief strategist, Shawn Mallory, to challenge the integrity of the plan. Deciding that his boss has finally crossed the line, Mallory jumps ship just as the master plan project is launched.

Unusual and atypical relationships form between government and church officials; old and new friends; and past and present family making this a ‘must read’ for everyone struggling to find purpose!

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