The Gateway 2 Missing Parts of the Case

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Aiden Jensen presents The Gateway 2
Missing Parts of the Case
by Aimee Marie Bejarano

Something is terribly wrong and missing from when Aiden Jenson investigated the gateway.

Now that a year is past, Grace is engaged to a loving doctor Gabriel Lopez leaving Aiden to delve deeper into his work.

This particular case has him going undercover to help his detective friends, Jade and Hill. A morbid murder leads them to a cult holding services at an abandoned building. During one of their meetings, Aiden comes head to head with the creature, who is able to be summoned by the leaders within the cultish church.

Now, it’s come back! The creature has returned for Grace’s children leaving Aiden with only one choice. Enter the gateway….again.

This time, Gabriel insists on joining Aiden to end it once and for all to keep Grace and her children safe.

But, will they find a way to end the creature’s reign of terror before someone dies?

The dramatic conclusion to “Aiden Jenson Presents, The Gateway.” You don’t want to miss this paranormal and suspenseful thriller!

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