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The Edge of Revolt
(The David Chronicles)
Book 3
by Uvi Poznansky

Struggling to find the right balance between loving his sons and upholding justice, how long will David remain silent, even as Amnon rapes Tamar, even as Absalom lures Amnon to his death?

These crimes go unpunished, because a mysterious change has come upon the king, which his court scribes note even before he does. In the past he had to explain his actions, such as the affair with Bathsheba, to them. Now, they want to understand the opposite thing: his lack of action.

In families other than his, such matters may be a mere matter of gossip. Yet when assault, incest, and murder occur in the king’s family, they affect matters of the state. Beset by court intrigue, David is toppled from his throne, and must escape from the son he adores, Absalom.

Even as he finds a way to quell the revolt and come back to the City of David, the road ahead seems unclear. How will he find the right successor amongst his remaining sons, the one who will connect to him and continue his legacy?

This King David biography is both classic and modern. When he fell in love with a married woman, King David’s wives suspected him of marital infidelity. Will Bathsheba survive the ensuing court intrigue? Will he find the strength to protect her and their son from those closest to him? This King David novel has a modern twist like no book you have read before, bringing King David of the bible to life against the background of Israel historical fiction.

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