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The Devil’s Lieutenant
The Devil’s Due Collection
Book 2
by Suzi Albracht

The Devil’s Lieutenant opens with Officer Jake Holyfield investigating a series of grisly serial killings. Each murder scene is missing one thing – a body. Instead, all that remains is a puddle of blood, fatty tissue, bits of bones, and a wickedly offensive odor. The murders are not like any Jake has investigated. There are no clues, no DNA, nothing.

But there is something… an angel, in the form of a young girl named Mary Beth, who appears at the scenes to give Jake mysterious clues about the killer and his motives. Mary Beth convinces Jake that he must enter the world of the supernatural to pursue the killer. She says she will help him but he has to believe.

Then Jake gets a mysterious call from a stranger who has insider information on the murders. The caller turns out to be a Washington, D.C. homicide detective named Mikael Ruskoff. And there’s more, Mikael warns that the Devil is coming after a friend of Jake’s and will soon attack his family to get Jake to stop the investigation. Soon, Jake and Mikael join forces to try to stop the Devil’s vengeful rampage.

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