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Sweet Desire Wicked Fate (New) 
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Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate
by Wray Ardan

Discovering long lost relatives can be a real nightmare. Do you know who or what you’re related to?

Jaden Lisette never imagined she might not live through the month to see her sixteenth birthday, or that befriending reclusive triplets and a mentally challenged man could be her only chance of survival.

Days after coming to Louisiana, Jaden falls for gorgeous recent high school graduate, Briz Nolan. Then she falls into a living nightmare when she discovers a side of her family that she never knew existed.

Once she uncovers her family’s deadly secret, Jaden is forced into a world she could only imagine in horror movies.

There’s nowhere to run. To survive, she must kill.

Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate is the first book in a YA romance, fantasy, thriller trilogy that is filled with danger, humor, and the intoxicating passion of first love.

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