Simply Cooking @SharonKConnell

Simply Cooking
A Cookbook for the Simple Life
by Sharon K. Connell 

If you are looking for a gourmet cookbook, Simply Cooking isn’t it.

After more than fifty years of cooking, I created this book of recipes to help new cooks and those who need fast, time-saving meals. What you won’t find in this cookbook are recipes using ingredients you’ll never use in another recipe. For the most part, these recipes use simple ingredients. Some may take a little longer to prepare, but the taste will be well worth it. If you want some recipes that will give you plain good eating, this is the cookbook for you.

Places to jot down dates when the recipes are tried and changes made to the recipe are right there on the page, and you won’t hurt my feelings at all if you adjust the recipe to suit yourself. That’s how many of my recipes came to be. The book is like a workbook for cooking.

Included in this book are useful pages on food equivalents, as well as household and cooking tips—things I’ve learned through the years from my mother and many others. Enjoy Simply Cooking.

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