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Shadowed Promise
by Sunanda Chatterjee

A sassy, sexy, sweet romantic saga with secrets and politics…

Moyna, an orphan, has been brought up by a domineering aunt to believe she brings bad luck to those she loves. During riots in Bombay, Moyna promises to protect her dying cousin’s baby and makes a hasty decision that would return to haunt her years later.

Sameer, the happy-go-lucky son of a successful lawyer in Beverly Hills, falls in love with Moyna, who remains secretive about her past and insulates herself from love to protect others from her unlucky curse.

At the cusp of political victory, Sameer faces increasing gun violence and death threats leading to an FBI investigation. But his greatest challenge comes when a shadow from Moyna’s past threatens to destroy their future.

What hope do they have with the media hungering for a scandal?

A story of friendship, redemption, and forgiveness, Shadowed Promise is a journey from blind faith to triumphant love.

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