Scorpion: The Rae Wars @kylemata

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Scorpion: The Rae Wars
by Kyle Mata

A Science Fiction Epic like you’ve never read(or heard) before…an AMAZING Enhanced Audiobook experience Nearly one-thousand years after humanity has left Earth and taken to the stars, a rift has opened in the center of the galaxy.

The rift has been teleporting new planets, known as Nomen, into the solar systems.

A period of tense peace begins between formerly warring factions, as a galactic landgrab begins to claim and colonize these Nomen. But the mysterious Nomen carry a dark secret within them, a secret that could lead to the end of humanity.

This secret is stumbled upon by four unlikely heroes, each from a faction that hates the other.

Can these four overcome their differences and unite a war-torn humanity against this new threat?

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