Scorn Kills (The Devil’s Due Collection)

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Scorn Kills
(The Devil’s Due Collection)
by Suzi Albracht

Highly successful True Crime author, Bill Branch, is hardly the sort of man that women seek out. He’s short, his hair is thinning, and his waistline is out of control. So when a beautiful woman goes out of her way to seduce him, he doesn’t want to say no. Of course, there is that nasty little fidelity contract he signed in blood for his father-in-law but surely that’s just an inconvenient detail, or so he convinces himself.

Imagine his surprise when he finds himself in a dead guy’s coffin, underneath someone else’s body.

Love Twilight Zone-esque wickedly delicious stories? Scorn Kills is brimming with dark surprises and unexpected twists.

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