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Scorn Kills
The Devil’s Due Collection
Book 1
by Suzi Albracht

Sometimes love sucks.

Scorn Kills opens with Bill Branch, The King of True Crime, locked in another man’s coffin, under someone else’s body. As Bill contemplates how he ended up in the coffin, the whoosh of the crematory firing up rocks his coffin. He prays that his wife, Bianca, is just teaching him a hard lesson for cheating on her and will let him out soon. But he’s afraid that this time she’s actually going to turn him and his coffin mate into crispy critters.

Bill complains to himself that he should never have signed that contract in blood. But back then he had thought the contract was a joke, one his father-in-law never planned to enforce.
But it wasn’t all his fault, he whined into the coffin lining. No, it started with that damn Karina and her sky high red heels and tight black leather pants.

Surely, Bianca will open the lid any minute…

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