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Rosa & Miguel – Love’s Legacy
Prequel to the Naomi Chronicles
by Paula Rose Michelson

Forced to flee from the Inquisition, which is now in the New World, Rosa marries a man she does not know. Trusted Pablo, who has known her and her husband since childhood shares that though Rosa does not know it theirs will be a good match if one likes fire and ice.

Days of travel into the unknown, the ever-present coyote’s and the heat off the desert floor of what would someday be called Arizona, cause Rose to question her papa’s decision though he is the first governor of Nueva España. Yet, when Miguel tells her he was happy to run as she must because it was the only way her father would consent to their marriage, Rose knows Miguel loves her.

Upon reaching the rope bridge she must cross to get to her casa, fear grips Rosa and she cannot do what she must. Miguel becomes her savior when he carries her across. On that high plateau the couple is safe, and Rose learns to never ask and never tell. Life goes on this way until Miguel’s brother and sister-in-law visit and decided to live there as well.

Only after rescuing her dear Madre does Rosa realize while apart that she has given her heart to this false god. Yet, it is this God—the true God of Christianity who reaches out to her. Can she give her life to Messiah and if so what will happen next?

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