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R.S.V.P. A Novel
by Ruchira Khanna

Jay Sethi an Indian born had an unhealed wound of a torn family since a teen. On getting afflicted by love and unpaid credit cards, he quit his corporate job and ventured into the business of a tea café, ‘Got T’ in a small town in California.
Courtesy his visiting cousin, Gina Mehra who takes charge of his business while he and his pet, Yogi go on a cruise on the Pacific Ocean.

He is ship wrecked and washed ashore an island that can only be a fantasy in the real world. Realizes the impact of love yet being unattached thanks to the local, and via a magical realism, Jay gets a chance to visit his past. Will Jay be able to relieve his hiccup of years? Will he return home and unite with his family? Will the broken bridges be repaired or the goodbyes will remain permanent?

This is a sweeping novel of remarkable ambition and depth that is set in California, but his adventures make the reader travel to the islands of the Pacific Ocean and the North of India. R.S.V.P: A Novel explores the line between reality and illusion and the unrelenting pull of family bonds.

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