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Popsie Finds A Family
Dog Stories for Kids and Bedtime Stories for Kids
(The Adventures of Popsie & Friends Book 1)

by Maggie David

Welcome to the Adventures of Popsie and Friends, where every exciting adventure ends happily, but teaches valuable life lessons and wholesome values along the way.

Starring Popsie a Silky Terrier cross puppy who is full of energy and mischief and her sister Willow, 2 brothers JD and Churchill who are constantly getting into mischief and having fun.

This book and other books in this series are ideal children stories for you to read to your child, or help them read, or read for themselves, as every book is written in a format where children can easily follow the story line, which Popsie tells herself.

In this book “Popsie finds a family” it tells the true story of how she came to be adopted by the author and her family. During this story, she has adventures, which will enthrall the reader (including Moms and Dads) and take them through a whole range of emotions, plus teach some life skills that parents can reinforce with their children.

Many children’s story books are written about fictitious puppies and dogs. However, Popsie and her sister and brothers and her friends that come into later books are real. The stories are based on the mischief the 4 get into in the authors large garden and house, along with the authors grandchildren.

Written to enthrall, written with life lessons weaved into the story, we know Popsie and her Friends will win a place in your hearts.

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Rest In Peace, Maggie my friend.  You are sorely missed.

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