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Natural Cures
Home Remedies For Natural Relief
by Maggie David

This Kindle book is jam packed with tried, tested, alternative medicine remedies proven by people from around the world over many hundreds even thousands of years. These natural healing remedies have truly stood the test of time, but for most of us, these have been lost in favour of substances which have been subjected to the magical,(or is it mythical) “DOUBLE BLIND TEST”.

Countless thousands have gone before us whether in wisdom or ignorance it matters not. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia and Canada. The Inuet, the lost civilizations of the South America, The Red Indians from the North. Those from ancient Babylon, Egypt, China and many others. These are the REAL survivors. Do you really suppose they collectively “got it wrong”?

The natural cures, of course are to be found IN NATURE. A great deal of these natural remedies are derived from essential oils. Full, clear, comprehensive and easy to follow information is given in how to mix, measure, blend and apply these natural remedies. A few of the many which are addressed are-

Relaxation and Stress
Essential Oils for Moods and Feelings
P.M.S. and Painful Menstruation
Headaches and Migraines
Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

A much fuller list can be found on the contents page.

Within this book, there is wisdom to be found, which is not of my making. I have simply collated information given to me by others.

My observation however is that before pharmaceutical industry came about, and the compulsive writing of prescriptions by the medical fraternity became the “only game in town,” a great deal of wellness has disappeared from our lives.

So you decide. Are the choices relating to your family’s future health to be made in a boardroom in Switzerland or the UK or is it that a “natural cure” has been right there beside you all the time?

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RIP Maggie my friend.

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