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My Name is Not Saul
(Part Two of the Angelica Series)
by Aimee Marie Bejarano

Saul of Tarsus continues persecuting the church of Jesus. While on the road to Damascus, he finally comes face to face with the One he has been persecuting.
As Saul, now Paul often referred to as Rabbi Sh’ual, sits in a prison in Rome, he tells his story beginning with the final of Christ’s Christians he sentenced to death, Angelica of Bethlehem. He tells his story of how he suffered for Christ to further the gospel.
What is the fate of the Apostle Paul? Who is his prison mate and why does he know some of the things he does? Why do dreams of this woman, Angelica of Bethlehem, haunt the Apostle Paul in sleep?
Part two of the Angelica Series. A Christian, inspirational, historical fiction and messianic read that will continue to shake the very nerve endings of your soul.

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