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My Greek Traditional Cookbook 1
A Simple Greek Cuisine
by Anna Othitis

Have Fun and Enjoy These Greek Recipes


Natural Traditional Healthy Cooking with flavors from natural herbs.

Nutritional home cooked Greek food has been proved by researchers to lessen health problems. The answer is to cook and eat a wide variety of minimal processed foods to cover all the nutritional bases. The beauty of genuine Greek cooking and eating is using a good amount of extra virgin olive oil rich in oleic acid. Legumes are rich in vitamins, vegetables high in vitamins and fibres, the probiotics in yogurt, cheeses, antioxidants in red wine, whole wheat breads, cold-pressed vegetable oils along with good exercise such as walking all increase “good” cholesterol and a healthy heart. Eat moderate portions and now and again spoil yourself with a Greek desert, baked with nuts and semolina.

As served aboard “Angelic Airlines”

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One thought on “My Greek Traditional Cookbook 1 @aothitis

  1. I know very little about Greek food having never visited the place. There was a Greet restaurant when I was at college but I only ever went for chips most of the time and did not like the sweet desserts at all I am afraid. My brother has just moved to a Greek island so maybe one day I will try again. #AnythingGoes


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