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Murder at Catmmando Mountain
Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #1
by Anna Celeste Burke

A Dead Body Discovered At The World Famous Catmmando Mountain Theme Park

It’s not easy doing Public Relations for Catmmando Tom, a famous cartoon cat. When they find a dead body at the foot of Catmmando Mountain in Marvelous Marley World’s Arcadia theme park it’s a PR nightmare! Still, Georgie Shaw loves working at the “Cat Factory.”

Georgie Framed For Murder!

But when someone frames her for murder more than her job is at stake. Who’s out to get Georgie? Can she and the handsome detective, Jack Wheeler, figure it out before there’s more trouble at Marvelous Marley World? Whodunit?

USA Today Bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke, brings you murder, mayhem, and a second chance at love!

Mystery, food, and a Siamese cat named after Miles Davis, too.

*****Voted one of 50 self-published books worth reading, 2016*****

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