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Missing Pieces
A Chandler County Novel
by Stephany Tullis

Chandlerville, Kentucky’s plans for its annual Kentucky Derby celebration come to a grinding halt when local newspaper editor, Rachel Blakely, discovers the scoop of a lifetime. She learns that her best friend’s husband, Mayor Fitz Manning, is at the center of an illegal land investment operation. Rachel’s journalistic spirit sags as she wrestles with the win-lose decision of blowing the whistle on the mayor. When a local detective appears unannounced at her office with evidence suggesting town businesses are under attack by unusual outside forces, Rachel postpones plans to confront the Mannings.

Seductively mysterious farm investor, Jairo Aquino, offers to apply his unorthodox skills to help Rachel discover what’s what and who’s who. The partnership is one that Rachel is petrified to accept and afraid to refuse.

Can she trust him?

Does he possess the answer key?

Or just the key to her heart?

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