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by J Shulman 

Written by award-winning filmmaker and writer, John Shulman, “Minnissippi” is a provocative and entertaining novel that exposes the seamy underside of education reform, where politicians, community leaders and mass media subvert urban public education to suit their own narrow self-interest and hidden agendas.

When Carmen, a Harvard-educated Black woman from Brooklyn, moves to the Midwest, she encounters and uncovers the harsh realities of education reform. Carmen’s rejection of the reform movement challenges the community and puts her career at-risk. The unspeakable evil Carmen encounters threatens to tear apart the Black community. Will Carmen expose the truth, wherever it may lead, and in the process fracture a community and destroy her career?

This provocative novel takes you deep into the heart of a decomposing America and unearths a conspiracy the ancestors will do anything to keep buried…

After four hundred years and counting, “Minnissippi” poses the question, “When will we be free?”

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