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Love Under Fire
Judith Lucci
Stephany Tullis
Fiona Quinn
Anna Celeste Burke
Margaret A. Daly
Linda Watkins
Tamara Ferguson
Suzanne Jenkins
Inge-Lise Goss
S.R. Mallery
Jinx Schwartz
Uvi Poznansky
Kathryn Knight
Stephanie Queen
Casi McLean
Valerie J. Clarizio
Chris Patchell
Aaron Paul Lazar
Alyssa Richards
K.M. Hodge
Pamela Fagan Hutchins

When love sparks danger, get ready for an explosion!

Twenty-one Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and bestselling authors bring you a heart-pounding collection of stories all in one amazing romantic suspense boxed set.

From around the edges of every day existence lurks mystery, betrayal, greed, and death.

With every turn of the page, feel the heat of adrenaline as fear lights up the night. Fight alongside the tenacious heroes and heroines as they battle for survival. They’ll put everything on the line to thwart the evil coming after them.

They want to trust in the power of love. But is it enough?

Click to buy and let the adventures begin.


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