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Legion of the Chosen: PAIGE
by Jen Gentry

From #1 Bestselling and Award Winning Christian Fantasy Author of The Gifts Series, Jen Gentry, comes a new Christian Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller series. The Legion of the Chosen: Paige, is the first in this exciting new trilogy.

Paige Black is a Goth with a gift. But is she ready to take on the dark powers tearing our world to shreds? She’s skeptical when she meets up with Zab, the Ancient, who walks the earth seeking the Chosen to keep the Dark Ones from finding them first. Paige isn’t sure she wants to take on the Dark Ones or submit to Zab’s training. On the other hand, she’s angry enough to fight anyone, even demons. Paige is Protector of the Chosen. So, bring it, Dark Ones. This Goth girl’s coming for you.

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