His Perfect Love @SharonKConnell

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No one crosses Jerry Windham and gets away with it. Not even a woman as shrewd as Patricia Campbell. After uncovering this man’s dreadful secrets about women reported missing, she ran. Even two years later, she can’t get rid of the thought that he’ll never stop looking for her. He’d do anything to see her dead, or worse. Unaware of the FBI’s search for her to learn what information she might hold, she continues to hide.

A new look, a new city and job, fearful thoughts suppressed, Patricia moves on. Three new men enter this beautiful woman’s life. A persistent computer technician, a charming philanthropist, and a handsome, wealthy businessman who wants to marry her. But her fears resurface, and she wonders if she can trust any of them.

Having rejected God in her college days, Patricia believes He would not listen to her now. All she wants is to change and have a normal life. Will she put her trust in God? Can she survive long enough to find peace…and perfect love?

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