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HER . . .
by M

As she waits for him whilst sitting in the bar of her hotel in the diplomatic area of Berlin, she starts wondering if he really will come and obey the message she sent to him the day before, making him clear his schedule to meet her promptly at 3:30 pm in that hotel…

HER… is the story of the lifestyle and tribulations of a former ballerina who gave up her dreams and moved to London to become a model. A woman who is driven by her penchant for using men to satisfy her whims, and who loves to control them, becoming their erotic obsession and their worst perverse nightmare.

It’s a story of a beautiful, young and spoiled woman who learned from childhood how to use men, becoming a Financial Dominatrix without even knowing it. Obsessed with psychological control and power, the story is a journey through her meetings with several men who worship her absolutely, devoting themselves to her will. A woman who dreams of being a succubus for her victims, an absolute sexual drug for her prey, pushing their submission beyond their limits. But it is also a story of a woman who denies her feelings when she suddenly falls in love, too scared to surrender. A story of a woman who eventually overcomes her fears, and learns how to love.

HER… is the awakening of true passion and the overcoming of the fears of a broken woman, who embraces her love by surrendering herself to the man she loves. The story of a wild manipulative devil who pushes her willing victims into tedious and wicked blackmails to achieve their sexual arousal, alongside the fragility of a romantic soul chasing the simple happiness she dreams of deserving.

Love, sex, blackmail, domination, humiliation, bdsm and masochism, power, lust and behind her mask, a world of dreams and hopes.

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