Girl On A Train

Girl On a Train

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Girl On a Train
She is a stranger, but they all know her past
Luke Adams Investigates
Book 1
by H A Dawson

Client: Megan Armstrong

Megan has passed the limits of her endurance, the vindictive mental abuse has been intolerable. Time to leave her hometown for a new life, on her own terms, despite the consequences. As the train nears her destination, Megan’s overwhelmed by a sense of displacement, coupled with dread, a terrifying vision. She has neither recognition of the vague faces, nor any recollection of the violence that ensued.

Megan’s arrival in town is disconcerting for the local community, this close resemblance to Saskia, a past resident, provokes uncomfortable memories. Buried in the depths of Megan’s subconscious are the answers. Her life is enveloped by frustration and fear, too shocking to remember . . . too shocking to forget . . . fatal to ignore.

Amidst the perilous encounters there is an unwanted revelation, a struggle for justice. An opportunity for the investigative abilities of Luke Adams and his assistant Imogen Morrison whose working relationship and mutual admiration plays an essential part in the engine that drives this series. Luke and Imogen make considerable efforts to help their clients, often this raises other issues in their personal lives, leading to lively outbursts, and bouts of humour of one kind or another.

The focus on the client is an ongoing feature of this series, it accentuates the nature and flexibility of this small team of private investigators. Luke and Imogen are establishing a noteworthy reputation which will endear them to all of their followers!

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