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Georgie Shaw
Cozy Mystery Series
Novellas 1-3
by Anna Celeste Burke

Fun, food, cats, and mystery–a second chance romance, too! Read the first three novellas in the Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series. Here’s a message for you from Georgie:

“Welcome to my world–Marvelous Marley World! It’s not always so marvelous at the ‘cat factory,’ an entertainment empire founded on the incredible success of Catmmando Tom, a cartoon cat. There’s never a dull moment ‘working for the cat,’ as we like to say around here. Sometimes that’s because of my boss, ‘Mad’ Max Marley who can’t always curb his enthusiasm or his blustery temper. He knows that. I’ve told him enough times. I have to give him credit, though, Max always goes for the gold, aiming for five-star entertainment, hotels, and cuisine. Trained as a chef, I’m there to back him up about the food, even now that I’m a member of management.

A creative genius, Max Marley is Walt Disney, and Dr. Seuss rolled into one. Catmmando Tom is only one of the fantastical characters that inhabit Marvelous Marley World. Life is often stranger than fiction, though, isn’t it? Some of the most outrageous characters around here are the real ones. The most intriguing stories aren’t always the ones created by our movie studios.

Come! Join me for all the mayhem, mystery, and even murder. Get to know Jack Wheeler, the handsome detective who walks into my life under the most unusual circumstances. Meet my Siamese cats, Miles and Ella. Food, too! Recipes included. Cheers! Georgie Shaw”

What’s in this box set?

Murder at Catmmando Mountain Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #1
Love Notes in the Key of Sea Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #2
All Hallows’ Eve Heist Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #3


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