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Forbidden Footsteps
(Forbidden Series Book 3)
by Cynthia B Ainsworthe

Peril lurks in the old-world historic streets and shadowy back alleys of the City of Light, and brings Cindy to question both her sanity and heart.

Is the risk to find true happiness worth her life?

Fleeing her violent past to find a new life, Cindy Hastings’ bright future turns dark, as her courtship to the wealthy and sensual French rock star Jean-Claude LeGrand uncovers his expertly crafted facade and his exotic sexual tastes. His sinister secrets create a razor-edged race for her between love and lust, fraught with terrifying evil. Cindy is forced to face the hidden scum of Paris’ murky underworld to find the truth. Could English-speaking Stuart Dumont be her only lifeline to survival?

Adult content for language and situations.

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