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Ebony & Ivory
by Christopher Forward

Two men; one aim: to reach the summit of the cutthroat world of professional golf! South African golfers Duduma Madikezela and Stiaan Stoltz have crossed swords many times since their first meeting at the Sunrise Coast Golf Course, and they meet again in a defining battle on one of the world’s most famous courses.

The rolling sand dune Links course of Royal St George’s Sandwich plays host to the 2011 edition of the British Open Golf Tournament. Both men have made their way there via vastly different routes; one from the barren lands of the Transkei, and the other from the lush sprawling cane fields of the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

On the hallowed eighteenth green of Royal St George’s, thousands of spectators watch as ten feet of finely cut grass stand between Duduma Madikezela and the famous Claret Jug.
Book your stand-side ticket with the rest of the world’s golfing enthusiasts, as Duduma Madikezela brushes away a putt that just, just might propel him into the annals of golfing folklore…

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