Death Most Wicked (The Devil’s Due Collection The Prequel)

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Death Most Wicked
(The Devil’s Due Collection The Prequel)
by Suzi Albracht

Young girls are being kidnapped and murdered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. When the first tiny body is found, Detective Mikael Ruskoff is assigned the case. He immerses himself in every detail, determined to solve it quickly. But he soon discovers that the killer is more cunning than any other criminal he has met. Nothing is ever left behind. No DNA, no telltale bits, nothing.

Before long, the number of murdered girls grows. Just as the killer becomes more brazen in his kidnappings, the worst happens. His longtime partner in homicide commits suicide, and his mother is murdered in her hospital bed. Desperate, Mikael finds himself in an unlikely situation. He’s offered a deal that will give him the killer’s name. The problem? In return, Mikael has to do the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, the little girls keep dying.

Something has to give.

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