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Dangerous Reach
(Forbidden Series Book 4)
by Cynthia B Ainsworthe

Amelia’s “no fear” approach puts her in deadly peril. Is the chance for a meaningful life worth devastating consequences?

Amelia Hollingsworth, a modern duchess in an arranged and loveless marriage, trades her salacious London lifestyle for the glamour of the Hollywood red carpet when she agrees to visit famed movie producer, Trenton Lowe. What starts as a carefree sojourn in Malibu turns ugly as evil intent weaves its invisible web and threatens her existence.

She lives by her own rules and soon finds others are calling the shots as her control disintegrates into one of helpless fear. Will her new Hollywood lover be her deliverance from torment or will he succumb and pay the ultimate price for their mutual devotion? Who will pay the price? Amelia? Trenton? Evil comes in all shapes and forms.

Adult content for language and situations.

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