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The Road to Nowhere NEW

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Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere
by Stuart Murray

*IBPA/BFDA Benjamin Franklin Silver Honoree Award Nov. 2016*

Two years after leaving the Marine Corps Steve Tait still hadn’t figured out what to do with the rest of his life. He’d left the Corps for a woman who had choices, now he’s a low paid security guard without a future, in a marriage that’s beginning to crack. He has drive, integrity and ambition, but he’s not going anywhere, so neither is she. The clock is ticking, time running out.

Wayne Jackson is a wealthy rancher and a visionary who runs his operation, and a nearby town, with an iron will. No one gets in his way, and those who do live to regret it. But life is far from perfect. The future is coming fast, he doesn’t like what he sees and needs to change whatever he can before it’s too late.

These two men meet under explosive circumstances, and one day is all it takes for the world they know to be plunged into uncertainty, for lives to be threatened and for the future to be cast in doubt.

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