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Cooking with Passion
Tasty Temptations Book 2

by Cynthia B Ainsworthe

Want more adventure in your culinary endeavors? More spice to stir up those creative juices? How about a hunky shirtless man in your kitchen? You can have it all with Cooking with Passion, the second book in the Tasty Temptations series.

Award-winning author, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe takes cuisine to a playful level with delicious recipes that range from simple to complex and from American to European origins. No longer will that meatloaf be just the same old dish, or those fish filets have a boring sauce.

With over 114 recipes and 139 full-color photographs, your creativity will soar to rave compliments. A reference section is included for conversions from US to Metric measurements, oven temperatures, as well as ingredient substitutions.

A tantalizing romantic story threads throughout the book along with pictures of scrumptious men that will make you want to beat those eggs at top speed.

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