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Circle on Home
(Lost in a Boom Town Book 5)
by M J Fredrick

As the vet of Evansville, Texas, Noah Braun is in demand, but when he’s not on the job, he keeps to himself. He has his hands full with his unemployed brother and his disabled sister, and now his father is coming home from prison.

As if his life isn’t in enough upheaval, Miranda Bonner, his high school sweetheart who left when his father went to prison, has come back home.

Miranda has returned to Evansville after living the life she’d always dreamed of. She attended a top-tier university, traveled the world, fell in love with a man who could afford to give her whatever she wants.

One visit home, one chance meeting with Noah, and nothing in her new life satisfies her anymore. She wants to see if she can be happy in Evansville, but will Noah give her another chance when she left him at the lowest point in his life?

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