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The Mirror
by Deborah A Stansil

When Amy’s daughter Lilly spots an old mirror in a local antiques store, she can’t resist buying it for her.

But with the mirror comes more than Amy bargained for. When Lilly starts talking about her “friend in the mirror”, Amy writes it off as an imaginary friend.

But Lilly’s imaginary friend is hard to ignore, and it’s not long until Amy finds herself embroiled in a battle; a battle to save her daughter, and a battle to save her secrets.

Can a mirror really reflect the past? How else can Lilly know so much?

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A super short story collection! Tales to Count On #history #shortstories (39)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️An absolute standout short story collection
A review by By Melinda on March 25, 2015

S.R. Mallery composes a powerful collection of short stories. I was completely caught off guard with the direction and endings of many of the stories. Possessing intensity, depth, and in some instances shock, the eclectic assemblage will hold your attention, I found myself entranced as I furious read each story with anticipation and excitement. Just when you assume you know what’s coming or how endings will transpire – believe me you will be blindsided in the most welcoming and delightful way, unexpected best summarizes.
Mallery is an extremly talented writer, her style lures the reader, you actually become a part of her tapestry of expression. She is diverse in all her undertakings demonstrating her gift of writing, all her books are worthy of perusal.

An absolute standout short story collection, the very first story will leave you stunned, clearly setting the pace for more to follow as you ease your way through the facetious authoresses maze of well crafted plots and captivating characters, worthy of high praise.


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Tales To Count On
by S. R. Mallery

Curl up and enter the eclectic world of S. R. Mallery, where sad meets bizarre and deception meets humor; where history meets revenge and magic meets gothic. Whether it’s 500 words or 5,000, these TALES TO COUNT ON, which include a battered women’s shelter, childhood memories, Venetian love, magic photographs, PTDS fallout, sisters’ tricks, WWII spies, the French Revolution, evil vaudevillians, and celebrity woes, will remind you that in the end, nothing is ever what it seems.

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