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Cancer >> From HELL to Health
by Maggie David

Cancer – From HELL to Health is about my healing journey, a journey from darkness, despair, devastation and fear brought about by a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. Cancer! To the Relief of being told “There is no Evidence of Disease”

The contents of the book I know can help you and will outline in detail my strict all natural cancer cure regimen that I follow daily. It is not a book about waffle, spin, medical terms and useless statistics. It is jammed packed with vital and important lifesaving information, for anyone challenged by cancer.

It gives you tracks to run on, a detailed plan to follow, practical information and tips for various things you may encounter on your cancer healing journey. There are also cancer fighting food recipes the whole family will love, foods that helped me heal. Additionally it has a chapter written by my husband to help your closest support person.

I have left nothing out; I have given you my all in easy to follow detail. Everything you need to start your healing journey or the cancer healing journey of a loved one.

It is my deepest wish that my story and fully detailed natural cancer cure regimen will give you hope, a firm belief and unshakeable inner knowing that cancer no matter what type is a word and not a death sentence. That you can by seeing yourself as one with your body tending to its needs in the correct way by giving it exactly what is required, help it rejuvenate and restore to good health from the worst of diseases. I am living proof of this.

It is no good sitting back and saying what about cancer you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and fight till you win…

The world is made up of those who hang back and never try and never give it their all and therefore never win or those who move forward and give it a go, gain momentum, give it all they have and make their Dreams and Intentions a reality. Which one are you?

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RIP Maggie my friend.

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