By the Flickering Light

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By the Flickering Light
(Goodnight Jim Davies)
by Ralph Jones

The flickering flame is the story of Jim Davies, the protagonist of the story, which is based in his funeral reception. Jim was taken to work at the local colliery as a young boy by his father. He worked at the colliery for almost 50 years, where he earned the respect of both the workmen, and the management. He rose to be a face captain, the face union representative, and also served as the most powerful man at the colliery, the compensation secretary.

Read of the time when Jim and his lifelong friend Tommy, were given cake at a rugby club function, when some youngsters gave them cake that was laced with a special ingredient, that left him chasing a fly around the bar, shouting, “who let that pigeon in here”.

There is also the stories of the dance around his grave side, which he left the final instructions for. And the time when women entered the inner sanctuary of the men only bar of the rugby club. This situation was made worse when one of them had the audacity to try and sit on Jim’s chair, a chair that not even the most powerful people in the club would dare to sit on, no not the chairman or treasurer, but the first team coach and the club captain.

This is a book that is packed with stories, and humour that is found in the Welsh valleys. and also tells of the camaraderie of the coal mines in the Welsh valleys.

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