Snippets In Time 2 @SarahMallery1

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Snippets In Time
Book Bites 2
by S. R. Mallery

Like Murder Mysteries? Time Travel? Historical Fiction? Teen/Family Issues? Cockatoo & Cat Humor? Award-winning, USA Today Best Selling author, S. R. Mallery, presents her second collection of excerpts from some of her newer books––topped off with a couple of short stories.

From her award winning Brooke & Abby cozy mystery series, where going back in time helps solve modern cases, to her award winning Gambit House witch series which also involves time travel, mystery, and romance. Her western romance sequel, “Ellie & The War On Powder Creek” continues on from her “The Dolan Girls” saga. Then comes two complete short stories: Her “On Being Jen” is a Twilight Zone version of how a teenage girl battles envy, and the award-winning short story, “Charlotte,” is an alternative route to a true event during the French revolution.


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